What kind of help is on offer?

The Extractives Hub has provided expert advice to governments in DFID focus countries on a range of topics, with projects ranging from relatively small and focused requests to larger-scale and more complex documentation and policy reviews.

Mineral policy

The Extractives Hub has been asked to provide experts to review and update mineral policy on behalf of Ministries in several African countries. In one major producing country, the Extractives Hub was asked by the National Assembly to review mineral policy to understand how it might be revised to attract additional investment to the sector. The output of these projects is typically a report, which will be kept confidential to the beneficiary, if requested.

Legislative review

Specialists have assisted in a review of draft Petroleum and Energy Legislation in Kenya, and may undertake similar work in neighbouring countries. A particular concern of governments is how mining sector legislation can be harmonised with other legal instruments governing related aspects of the sector, for example environmental law and policy and fiscal regimes.

Fiscal review

The Extractives Hub recently completed a large-scale project supporting government in Kenya in undertaking a fiscal review, underpinning a transparent and consistent approach to fiscal policy. The Hub engaged with stakeholders to develop recommendations on the potential process for the policy review, supported by comparative analysis of a range of fiscal regimes in the region. In Kenya, the Extractives Hub has also provided support for the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) in forming a project plan to build the institution's capacity to conduct financial analysis of Kenya's natural resource sector.

Artisanal and small-scale mining

We work with specialists in the field of ASM to provide advice on ASM strategy, including the development of consultation processes for formalisation of the sector.