The Helpdesk provides research, training and expert advice free of charge to government officials in developing countries. The services are designed to support specific short-term needs and are funded by the UK government. Typically we provide support in the form of briefing notes, research reports, and training.

Recent projects include the following subject areas:

Sector Growth & Development:

  • Sector growth strategy
  • Investment promotion
  • NOC development

Revenue Management:

  • Financial Modeling
  • Fiscal Review / Comparison

Capacity building, training & research

Policy & Legislation:

  • Policy review
  • Legislative review
  • Regulation review

Licensing / Contracts:

  • Cadastre
  • Licensing / tender process
  • Contract queries
  • Geodata


  • Mineral Trading
  • Mineral Economics


  • Equipment Valuation
  • Environmental Management
  • Production