Webinar: Gender Justice in the Extractive Industries. 26th January, 12:00- 13:30 UK time.

Register: HERE.

This webinar is co-organised with both the African Energy and Minerals Management Initiative (AEMI) and Access in Women in Energy (AccessWIE) .


  1. Dr. Francisca Kusi-Appiah
  2. Dr. Carole Nakhle
  3. Dr. Jennifer Hinston

Moderated by Ms. Cynthia Opakas

Key issues to address:

  1. What is gender justice and why is it critical to the energy sector and the extractives industry?
  2. What reasons can be attributed to the gender gap we continue to witness in the extractives industry despite there being efforts to narrow the gender gap?
  3. What are the unique challenges facing men in the extractives industry?
  4. What are the unique challenges facing women in the extractives industry?
  5. Take mining as an example, women have been relegated to undertake the supporting roles. This has been attributed to the view that the activities involved are physically intensive. Is this a valid argument? How then do we achieve a balance?
  6. What are some of the global/regional policy and regulatory frameworks that have been developed towards achieving gender justice?
  7. What are the short-term and long-term measures that can be undertaken to achieve gender justice in the energy sector?