Webinar - 8th December 2020 - kindly supported by the Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR), University of Dundee, and in partnership with the University of Uyo, Nigeria.

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While new technologies have improved the environmental impacts of mining, water pollution remains a challenge for the sector. Mining impacts water through the discharge of toxic heavy metals, for example, because of the uses of rudimentary techniques in small scale mining, or the tailing dams in mine sites. Exposures to toxins released in the water by mining activities or accidents give rise to a range of human health issues affecting miners and local communities.

The webinar will promote active conversation about the topic of mining, water and health, characterised by a variety of environmental, social, legal and technical concerns.


Moderator: Dr Maria Augusta Paim, Extractives Hub/CEPMLP, University of Dundee (UoD)
Opening Remarks (from 2pm): 

  • Professor Peter Cameron, Director of CEPMLP, UoD, and Team Leader of the Extractives Hub project
  • Dr Emmanuel Akpabio, Geography, School of Social Sciences, UoD, & University of Uyo, Nigeria  
  • Professor John Rowan, Vice-Principal (Research, Knowledge Exchange & Wider Impact), UoD 

Speakers and talks (from 2:15pm):

  • Andrew Allan (Interim DIrector, UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science, UoD) ‘Tailing dams and water: proposals for reducing risks by better connecting mine waste with water and disaster management’. Download Andrew Allan 's presentation - Tailing dams and water: proposals for reducing risks by better connecting mine waste with water and disaster management - HERE;
  • Dr Salisu Abubakar (School of Nursing and Health Sciences, UoD & Bayero University Kano, Nigeria) ‘Impact of artisanal mining on water and health in north-western Nigeria’. Download Dr. Salisu Abubakar's presentation - Impact of Artisanal Mining on Water and Health in North western Nigeria - HERE;
  • Dr Liz Lakin (Education, School of Education and Social Work, UoD) ‘Towards sustainable mining: educating for sustainability, e-waste and the circular economy. Download Dr. Liz Lakin's presentation - Towards sustainable mining: education for sustainability, e waste and the circular economy - HERE; and
  • Dr Rudrajit Mitra (Rock Engineering, Head of Research for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), ARWTH Aachen University Germany) ‘Advanced Mining Technologies’.


Question and Answer session (from 3:15pm) 

Closing Remarks (from 3:30pm):  Dr Ana Elizabeth Bastida, CEPMLP, UoD

Close (3:45pm)