This mining webinar proposed an academic-practitioners’ conversation on occasion of the launch of the book The Law and Governance of Mining and Minerals: A Global Perspective written by Dr Ana Elizabeth Bastida and published by Hart Publishing, Oxford, as part of its Global Energy Law & Policy series. The book calls for adopting a global perspective to the study of the law and governance of mining and minerals, to capture the growing complexity of the normative phenomena and the diversity of its sources. It argues that a global perspective entails, firstly, understanding the breadth and the interdependence of the various levels of normative orderings of social relations concerning mining and minerals, and secondly, engaging with sustainable development and sustainability as an objective of the global community and as a ‘conceptual matrix’ for integrating environmental sustainability and social and economic equity into decisions about economic projects at all levels.



Date: 10 December 2020 at 1pm-2pm UK time

Introductory remarks: Professor Peter Cameron, Team Leader, Extractives Hub project; and Director of the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee


  1. Dr. Ana Elizabeth Bastida, Senior Lecturer, CEPMLP/University of Dundee 
  2. Anca Mihailescu, Officer International Bar Association (IBA) Oil & Gas Law Committee
  3. Jonathan Cocker, Officer IBA Environment, Health & Safety Law Committee 


  1. Professor Volker Roeben, Prof of Energy Law International Law and Global Regulation, University of Dundee
  2. Manuel Protasio, Officer IBA Mining Law Committee

Closing remarks: Co-Chair IBA Mining Law Committee

Organised by:

  1. CEPMLP/ Extractives Hub
  2. IBA

Supported by:

  1. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation 
  2. UK AID