Green Energy Transition Webinar - ahead of COP 26, 2021, Glasgow - UK

Title: Electrification in the Energy Transition
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Key issues to be discussed:
  • Economic development and access to electricity
  • Electricity and the energy transition
  • Pricing carbon
  • Electricity storage and market design
Date: Thursday, 9th April: 14:00-15:00 UK time
Moderator: Athelia Korvah, MSc Candidate, CEPMLP
Presenter: Dr. Rafael Macatangay, Lecturer at CEPMLP.
Dr Macatangay is an energy sector specialist with professional experience in North America, Western Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Previous to CEPMLP, he was Manager, Transaction and Market Analysis at NV Energy Inc. (“NVE”), the utility holding company serving the State of Nevada in the US. At NVE he led a team of quantitative specialists structuring physical and financial instruments for electric power and natural gas, and provided oral and written expert testimony in Nevada regulatory proceedings. 
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Link to watch live webinar online, (9th April 2020, 2pm to 3pm UK time): HERE