As Mines Become More Automated, What Happens to the Social Licence to Operate?

International Institute for Sustainable Development | Document | 2016

This blog examines the impact of this automation on local spending and employment. Its aim was to determine the impact on economic development in host states and, by extension, the mines’ social licence to operate.

Mining Automation: Threat or Opportunity for FDI Technology Spillovers?

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment | Document | 2015

This paper explores the benefits and challenges of mining automation. Host countries increasingly seek to benefit from technology and knowledge spillovers from foreign direct investment in their extractive industries by imposing regulations on foreign mining companies operating in their economies. S...

Issue 28: Modern Mining Law

Extractives Hub | Document | 2018

The mining sector is changing fast. Continuous advancements in technology and automation, a growing awareness of the vulnerabilities and risks associated with climate change, and the urgent need for action to reach the Sustainable Development Goals are all driving this change. In this issue of Th...

Supporting the automation of Papua New Guinea’s tax administration

URL | 2016

This webpage provides an overview of the Tax Automation in Papua New Guinea project, which looks into computerising the tax system and building capacity in Papua New Guinea's Internal Revenue Commission.

Getting ready for the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Philippine investment liberalization and facilitation

Document | 2016

The principal investment cooperation program of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has been the ASEAN Investment Area which has been expanded to the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA). One major initiative of the AEC Blueprint is the enhancement of the existing ASEAN Investment Area (AI...

Mining and Mirage?: Reassessing the Shared-Value Paradigm in Light of the Technological Advances in the Mining Sector

CCSI, IISD, Engineers Without Borders | URL | 2016

While there has been a strong tendency in resource rich countries to push for more stringent local content regulations, the mining sector is looking to move towards increased automation. Such technological advances have the potential to increase health and safety standards as well as productivity of...

Automation in Mining: Potential for Local Discontent

Nneoma Veronica Nwogu | Document | 2018

This is an excerpt from an unpublished paper by the author titled Mining at the Crossroads of Law and Development: A review of labor-related local content provisions in Africa's mining laws through the prism of automation, which is published as a blog post at Goxi platform.

NRA Annual Report 2011

NRA | URL | 2011

This is the Annual Report 2011 published by National Revenue Authority (NRA). The Government of Sierra Leone adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), developing its Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and adapting it into an Agenda for Change that is expected to graduate into an Agenda f...

Indigenous Employment Futures in an Automated Mining Industry

Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland: Brisbane | Document | 2018

New technologies – such as increased automation and robotics – are transforming the nature of mining. This paper discusses the implications of this shift for Indigenous peoples and the Indigenous mining workforce. During the past two decades the number of Indigenous employees has grown to unpreceden...